It’s very difficult to manage what you don’t measure. I have a number of colleagues and friends who are in the real estate world and their experience over the last year and a half has varied greatly. Some of them have taken the time to calculate what they perceive to be openings in the market. These openings could help them understand how to best offer homes for sales during this surreal CoVid era. The realtors who have taken the time to forecast the realty market have done well enough to survive and even thrive. They pay attention to details, like at, so they can have an accurate idea as to how to position themselves with an understanding of how this CoVid era is impacting things like rates. They have also expanded into other areas of realty, including commercial real estate.

For example, in this video,, Bill Rudin describes on CNBC variables which lead him to state that the commercial real estate market is making a strong comeback. Both Bill and many of his colleagues use many forms of being able to calculate so they can forecast. This makes it easier for them to make critical decisions, especially under stress.

How often do we do that regarding our own personal growth? Do we forecast our own mental level of fitness? 

It would be so awesome if we had a calculator for that, right? In the world of real estate, it would be like having a mortgage calculator that could show us the actual APR for loans. Anyone could compare apples to apples and be able to calculate, forecast, and take informed actions. Actually, there is a calculator that can do that at

Guess what? There is also a “calculator” that can do that for mental fitness, which allows you to measure your growth, and I’m not talking about macros,        I’m talking about mental fitness.

The App I use in conjunction with my own iBG® brain games is the PQ® App, and it shows me:

  • How many mental fitness “reps” I’m done in a day
  • What my “mental battery charge” is related to my ability to respond to adversity with a positive mindset
  • The strength of my mental muscle which impacts my ability to self-command in any moment

This is all related to being able to grow our prefrontal cortex and right side of our brain. It’s also deeply related to the research in Positive Psychology, led by individuals like Barbara Fredercikson, PhD. It is also part of my own Foundation’s approach to inspiring and empowering organizations and leaders with both mental and brain fitness. Here’s another blog of mine that can give some more insight into this realm,

The point is if you want to improve your ability to lower your stress, improve performance, increase your wellness, and improve your relationships, you need to work on your mental fitness and measure it. The simplest and most impactful way to get started in this very moment is to answer this question:

Are at least 75% of your thoughts positive?

Before you answer that question and yes, I’m aware that many of you have already answered it, here’s another question.

How many thoughts does the average person have in a day?

According to Researcher and Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience at Queen’s College in Canada, the average person has 6,200 thoughts per day,

(, and that’s just the average. So, my questions are now:

Out of 6,200 thoughts in one day, are you sure that at least 4,650 are positive?

Of 43,400 thoughts in a week, are you sure that at least 32,550 are positive?

If you had 173,600 thoughts in a 28 day month, are you sure that at least 130,200 are positive?

What if you had 2,083,200 thoughts in a year? Are you sure that at least 1,562,400 are positive?

According to a mountain of research in positive psychology 75% is the tipping point. I’ve mentioned this statistic in previous blogs of mine because it is a life changing tipping point. How do we authentically change the percentage of our positive versus negative thoughts? We have to learn about how to identify our negative judge-like thoughts, name them (there are specific ones with specific traits), and intercept them. We then can neurologically choose our inner sage/positive self. This is what my Foundation does and what I do as a public speaker, organizational coach, performing artist and author. The benefits are enormous, including improved:

  • Peak performance
  • Wellness and Inner Peace
  • Professional and Personal Relationships

For now, be more aware of the nature of your thoughts and feel free to reach out with any questions.